Removal of 2 beneficiaries from the Trust

It is with very heavy hearts that we have removed The Zimbabwe Children’s Heart Foundation and zbta logo poster 2The Brain Tumour Association of Zimbabwe from the list of beneficiaries of Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe but we have heard nothing from either of them during 2015 and no response to any communication sent.

2015 News

During 2015 we raised £1555.57 towards various small projects for the charities we support and promote. This was through three main means – The regular monthly donation made for Pari Volunteers specifically, a team fundraising day in March where a company in London donated the proceeds to Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe and Give as you Live where supporters shopped on line at over 4 000 top retailers and we received a donation at no extra cost to the shopper.

With this we have passed the money on to Pari Volunteers for their scans, drugs and support of the children in the Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, who cannot afford to pay for their much needed treatment. We have also assisted with the upkeep of the swimming pool at St Catherine’s and the repairs of the washing machines at The Jairos Jiri Centre.

Toys and Stationery generously donated to Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe have been distributed to some of the organisations we support and we have promoted the various projects and events held by our benficiaries.

As well as this, during 2015 we have been able to direct 29 families, with children needing assessment and assistance, to the appropriate facility and supplied 7 people looking to help at the various charities, with the information they were looking for. So although we were not able to cover large projects, we have been able to promote the charities and increase awareness of what they do and where they are, and assist in a small way with some of their repairs and maintenance.

2014 / 2015 News

During 2014 we raised £ 3871.45 which is half as much again as we made in 2013 which was £ 2 556.79. Thank you to all who donated towards the projects we assisted with during the year. It would be amazing if we could achieve a similar increase again this year, keep an eye on the thermometer on the right of the home page to see how we are doing.

The WizEar Trust joined us as a beneficiary as did Pathways Autism Trust, St Catherine’s and Jairos Jiri Southerton Branch. We welcome them to the ‘team’

The major fund raising done was through sporting events undertaken by 3 individuals – a marathon in Brighton, a bicycle ride in Zimbabwe and a climb up Mont Blanc in France. We thank these individuals for their commitment to ‘Friends’ and to all who generously donated to us during the year.

The projects assisted with were for The Wizear Trust, St Catherine’s, Pari Volunteers, The Autism Organisation, and Jairos Jiri.

This year, a company in London has held a charity day and gave us the proceeds (£207.54) and a further £100 was added by an individual in the company. This will go towards one of the projects on the go right now. Further news and pictures to follow when this is done. Get together with your colleagues at work and see if you can better this drive and donation.

2014 Achievements

In 2014 we have been able to:

  1. Supply EEG consumables to assist with the diagnostic and follow-up testing of children with suspected epilepsy.
  2. Distribute 70 wheelchairs, donated by the Wheelchair Foundation, to 5 of the charities.
  3. Assist with funding the Wisear Trust Ear Camps.
  4. Provide swimming lessons for children from the Autism Association
  5. Assist in repairing the swimming pool at St Catherine’s so that their therapy sessions can continue.
  6. Distributed toys, stationery and clothes donated by individuals and schools to the charities we support.
  7. Allocated the money raised for specific charities to them for their different projects.

Financial Information for 2014

2014 has been a good year so far for Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe.

This year we have had 3 Virgin Giving Fund Raising pages set up by different supporters that we have or still are benefitting from, as well as a few regular donors who deposit a monthly amount into our account. We have received a total of £ 3 120.00 so far this year which is more than we received for the whole of 2013. Thank you to all of our supporters.

We have given the following out to our beneficiaries:

  • Children’s Heart Foundation – £ 437.00
  • Pari Volunteers – £ 1 000.00
  • The Wizear Trust – £ 439.44

We also gave £ 2 006.59 to Kidzcan which was money we were holding on their behalf before they withdrew as a beneficiary. This clears their account with us.

There have been administrative costs of £ 71.05 being commissions charged and advertising.

The grants we give out are on request from the beneficiaries and we look forward to supplying more EEG consumables to the Epilepsy Support Foundation, assistance to Pathways for their project to supply care to their children and possibly shunts for the Brain Tumour Association. We are also looking at supplying hearing aids to The Wizear Trust this year.

Please continue to support ‘Friends’ so we can assist our beneficiaries.