Sunshine Support Campaign

We, as Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe, would like to promote the efforts of Sunshine Zimbabwe Project and create a sponsorship ‘pot’ so that underprivileged young adults with remedial needs and learning difficulties can attend and benefit from this very worthwhile project.

At Sunshine Zimbabwe Project, they concentrate on the members abilities not their disabilities. They offer the teaching of basic skills in literacy and numeracy as well as a comprehensive life skills programme promoting personal, social and emotional development. For help with gross motor skills, they provide bocce (a special Olympic sport), tennis, horse riding and yoga. The members also enjoy art and music as well. To complement the whole programme, the members take part in cooking sessions and gardening. Sunshine Zimbabwe Project advocates for the promotion of appropriate work ethics culminating in work experience within the community or on site at the Centre. They also have different income generating projects going which include: the manufacture and sale of nutritious Waggles Pet Biscuits, growing and selling vegetables, looking after layers and selling the eggs, delicious Sunshine Homemade foods as well as arts and crafts made from recycled material from the community, both plastic and wooden.

‘Friends’ would like to build up a base to allow Sunshine to take in additional underprivileged members as well as providing the basic tools to continue with the income generating projects that would benefit the project too.

If you would like to help us to help them please go to the Virgin Money Giving Campaign Page ( Alternatively you can sign up for Give as You Live and buy on line using our page link and we will benefit with no increase in cost to you ( You can also simply do a transfer to our account (Details on the about us page.) and email us with the detail and we will make sure it goes to Sunshine Project. Any amount helps.

“Put a little sunshine into someone’s life”.