Pathways Autism Trust

Words from one of the Pathways trustees:

Pathways Autism Trust is a not for profit organisation formed by parents of children on the Autism spectrum in Zimbabwe. It was registered on the 13th November 2012 as a Trust under registration number MA1148/2012 and the organisation is currently seeking registration as a Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO). The trust’s creation was inspired by the love and compassion of a small group of parents of children affected by this condition, who see the need for therapeutic care and educational services for kids with autism in Zimbabwe, as well as socio-psychological support for other parents. It is our desire to give a voice to those who cannot speak, to create a chance at normal life for those who cannot be integrated without our help.

Children with severe autism are NOT integrated into the formal educational system in Zimbabwe and the costs of special needs education are generally very high. We have a LOT of work to do on raising awareness and advocacy on autism in the country and giving these kids a chance to receive specialised education and therapy.

Pathways Autism Trust is working night and day on raising awareness of autism in the community so that the Government and the community recognise the existence and challenges facing these children and their families, and integrate them into society.

Pathways Autism Trust’s objective is to create a learning (school) and care facility – A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE – for our own children and for others affected by the condition, in Zimbabwe. This programme aims to offer affordable and accessible low adult-to-child ratio, intensive, adaptive and individualised educational programmes that are specifically
designed for autism intervention. Pathways Autism Trust will employ local therapists who will be trained in appropriate autism intervention methodologies.

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