International Purple Day

Thipurple day logos Thursday is International Purple Day, this is an event designed to raise awareness of epilepsy. It all began in 2008 and people are encouraged to wear a purple-coloured item of clothing in support of epilepsy.On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness. The Epilepsy Support Foundation of Zimbabwe are hosting an epi-quiz in Harare on Thursday. Please wear purple on Thursday in support of epilepsy in Zimbabwe.

2014 Achievements

In 2014 we have been able to:

  1. Supply EEG consumables to assist with the diagnostic and follow-up testing of children with suspected epilepsy.
  2. Distribute 70 wheelchairs, donated by the Wheelchair Foundation, to 5 of the charities.
  3. Assist with funding the Wisear Trust Ear Camps.
  4. Provide swimming lessons for children from the Autism Association
  5. Assist in repairing the swimming pool at St Catherine’s so that their therapy sessions can continue.
  6. Distributed toys, stationery and clothes donated by individuals and schools to the charities we support.
  7. Allocated the money raised for specific charities to them for their different projects.

Jairos Jiri Southerton Branch joins Friends

Jairos Jiri was founded in 1950 by the late Mr Jairos Jiri in Bulawayo. It now comprises 16 centres around Zimbabwe and Southerton Branch is just one of these centres.

DSC02537Jairos Jiri Harare Children’s Centre (Southerton) was established in 1963. The main objective of the Centre is to offer rehabilitation and education services to physically handicapped children between the ages of six and sixteen. DSC02534

The Centre currently looks after 200 children but can accommodate up to 220 children at any given time. There are 66 staff members, including teachers, nurses, rehabilitation technicians, hostel aides, cooks and physiotherapists to look after the children. The government directly pays for 23 teachers leaving the rest to be catered for by the Association.

The children come from all over the country (urban and rural) and are mainly from poor families. The majority of parents cannot raise school fees and levies for their children. As a result the Centre depends mainly on fundraising activities, government grants and donations from individuals, companies and organizations.

Friends assist with the pool at St Catherines

Friends of Kids in Zimbabwe has recently assisted with the costs of repairs and maintenance on the swimming pool at St Catherine’s. The pump and motor had been a problem for a number of months and the pool was not able to be used.2014-10-24 12.46.382014-10-24 12.52.29 Thanks to a lot of hard work and time put in by a pool maintenance company in Harare the pool is now clear, no longer shelters tadpoles and is able to be used for swimming lessons and hydrotherapy sessions for the children cared for by the centre. We were able to cover the costs of the repairs as well as providing an automatic cleaner and chemicals for the next 4 months thanks to Henry providing the service at cost. Should you wish to support the continued maintenance of the pool please donate and email ‘Friends’ with a note indicating that the donation is specifically for the pool project.20141210_145524

Welcome to St Catherine’s

St CathrinesSaint Catherine’s Special School is a non-profitable organization operating under the ZIMCARE TRUST Zimbabwe. It is a special school in Eastlea, Harare which caters for boys and girls from the age of five who are mentally challenged. The boys and girls range from moderate, through severe to profound mental retardation. Most of them come from a poor socio- economic background and so would not be able to benefit from this facility without the help of supporters of St Catherine’s. The school has a capacity to enroll 105 children, at the moment there are 98 children in their care, 57 are boarders and 41 are day scholars.

The school teaches self help skills, communication and speech training, domestic skills, occupational training and behaviour management as well as activities such as athletics, netball, football, volleyball, traditional dance, music, golf and horse riding. According to the children’s ability and inclination, children are introduced to more functional academic skills training using an Individualized Educational Program (IEP).

St Catherine’s strives to assist in developing the all round growth of those in their care for the children’s maturity and independence, for their own good and happiness and for each to have a purposeful place in society.